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Clock terminals

These are the terminals that can be used to make input and output clocks in.

There are two predefined terminals:

  • WEB: Clock ins through the website.
  • MOVIL: Clock ins through the mobile app (GesFicherApp, available for Android and iOS).

If the company has a physical dialing terminal, it must be enlisted from this option and associated with the physical terminal from the GesFicherSync application. Puede consultar la lista de terminales físicos de marcaje compatibles con GesFicher.

Users with admin permission will be able to manage the terminals from which clocks in can be made.

On the main terminal maintenance screen you can register terminals and search for an existing terminal to modify or delete it.

There are two predefined terminals that cannot be deleted or deactivated, the WEB terminal and the MOBILE terminal.


Indicates terminal configuration data:

  • Code: Code that identifies the terminal. If you have a physical terminal, this code is the one that you must associate with the physical terminal in the GesFicherSync program.
  • Name: Name to identify the terminal.
  • Active: Enables or disables a terminal's clocks in. If you want to disable web or mobile clocks in you must do so from the "Enterprise Settings" option.