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Save clocks in

Users who have time control enabled will be able to make check-in and check-out from 3 different sites:


How to sign through the website (00:48)

If the user has web clock in enabled, they can perform inbound and outbound clocks in from the GesFicher website. After identifying with your email and password, the user will access the page where they can make the dial.

Pressing the Tab button will save the clock in, input or output. Once a mark has been made, if you click on the time, a window will be displayed where you can select an incident type (out to the doctor, attendance at school follow-up, etc.).

The Month tab will display the clocks in made throughout the month, automatically calculating the hours worked, the hours that are missing, the overtime, etc. depending on the time assigned to the user.

For clocks in where the GPS position has been saved, a point will be displayed next to the time. Clicking on the point will display a map showing the exact location where the clock in was saved.

In temporary absences from work you will be able to indicate different types of incidents, configurable by the company: outings to the doctor, attendance at school follow-up, etc. As an example, an incident per departure to the doctor is shown on 04/12/2019 at 10:25, and returned to work at 11:40.

Hours after business hours are also calculated, as indicated on the day 05/12/2019, which has been performed 2:31 hours. At the end of the monthly report will be shown the sum of the result of the hours worked, to which depending on the criterion of the company, you can add the hours made outside of working hours, to total the overtime made.

Physical clock terminals

Users will be able to make clocks in from physical clock terminals. These clocks in will be displayed automatically on the GesFicher website using the GesFicherSync module.

For there to be a correspondence between the user who makes the dial in the terminal and the GesFicher user, the field "Code" must be entered. Terminal User", in the maintenance of users.

Clock ins with your mobile

If the user has the "Mobile App Clock in" option enabled, they can make dials from the android mobile app.

Puedes encontrar la aplicación móvil de GesFicher en el Play Store de tu móvil Android o el App Store para tu iPhone o iPad. The app is free.

You can identify yourself in the application through a username and password or through the fingerprint if your mobile allows it.

After identifying yourself, the check screen for the day will be displayed where you can press the Tab button. If you click on one of the clocks in made, you can indicate an incident of those allowed by your company: out to the doctor, attendance at school follow-up, etc.


Clock ins of the day

Through the option "Management clocks in / day clocks in" you can get a complete view of the users who are working and what time they have entered or left work, whether they are on vacation, etc.


Total clocks in of the month

Through the option "Management clocks in / Clock ins month (totals)" you can get a total full view of the hours made by each worker in a specific month.